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children. police say she'll be facing charges of felony and misdemeanor child endangerment and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. they have no motive other than the obvious she just wanted to get the kids to sleep. in morgan hill, abc 7 news. >> heather, thank you. happening now a parent meeting getting underway in pleasanton for those concerned about a possible incident of child abuse at their childrens' free pree school. abc 7 news joins us from the center point christian preschool in pleasanton. laura? >> that meeting about to begin at 6:30 in this building behind me here in pleasanton. just one of several things the school here is doing in the wake of this incident. school officials also announced today that they plan to close their preschool starting on friday for five days. so that staff members could be retrained. >> from everything we've found this looks isolated. >> police are investigating
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but don't know yet whether a claim of child abuse bus at the school will rise to the level of a criminal prosecution. >> they'll march forth a mother came into to report allegations of some po ten ashl bus occurring at the preschool. involving her daughter. >> the mother told investigators a former teacher bound the mother's 2-year-old with tape because the little girl refused to take a nap. an investigator from state department of social services wrote in his report that the girl was bound at the ankles and wrists with tape. and made to sit on a cot. >> we're devastated and shorked this, is horrible. we deplore it. and we're seeking to do our best to care for everybody in the middle of this happening. >> according to the state she took a photo of the girl on her cell phone. the incident happened months ago. it only came to light when the former teacher showed the photo to other staff members
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including the child's mother. parents say they're concerned but wants to hear how the school plans to make sure it never happens again. >> i'm sure they're going to make the changes so we're almost done with the year we're not going pull our son out. but i feel for the child and parents. >> several other parents contacted abc 7 nous say the incident is being overblown that those who have seen the photos say little tape was used and it was intends as a joke. we cannot reach the teacher at the center of this, the former teacher. we did try to reach her but we could not. >> in oakland a 13-year-old boy is being treated for what police are describing as a serious gunshot wound. he told them he was shot at 7:30 this morning on 66th
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avenue but refuses to explain why it took two hours before someone dropped him off at the hospital. a gas line fire was quickly brought under control in berkeley this afternoon. this shows how unpredictable flames were. the blaze ignited when a worker dug into the line with a shovel. a parked truck was damaged. cruise capped the leak just before 4:00 today. >> we're learning more tonight about the man accused of driving drunk and causing a deadly crash saturday night. the 28-year-old made his first court appearance in redwood city today, facing several charges including vehicular manslaughter. prosecuters say i side swiped a car, killing three people inside. macedo's blood level level was mer than twice of the legal limit. >> it was from a sample taken two hours after the time of
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driving meaning that his blood level was higher at the time of the driving. >> he was getting away from another accident at this time of the crash. >> an oakland man imprisoned for 14 years for a sex crime did he not commit says he's not angry and just wants to move forward with his life. abc 7 news spoke with johnny williams today at the oftss of the innocence project. >> some people took interest in me and see what the truth was. i put the truth out there. i feel blessed. god blessed me. >> johnny williams credits a strong faith for keeping hope as live. in 169998 williams was arrested for sexual assaulting a 9-year-old girl when she was
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talking to -- walking to school. the girl told her mother she heard at tacker say his name was johnny. >> someone in the family knew johnny from the neighborhood. they heard the name and jumped to a conclusion it was johnny williams. >> during trial, the girl testified williams was her attacker. he was sent to prison in san diego. 14 years there he said was a living hell but the spirit dmot be defeated. >> i read my books and bible skpefrg. it kept me positive. and kept me focused on what reality was. >> one day he learned about the innocence pro jechblgt. >> i've seen people on tv and everything. i've seen what he's doing for other people. staying very to write them. >> this is the letter that touched the staff. williams says he was innocent, please help. i'm not lying.
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lawyers for the project received auj saigs to test the girl's clothing for evidence. they found sperm on the tee shirt that did not watch williams dna. prosecutors concluded that williams was not guilty. >> i've never been mad about this, i knew if i stayed true, my beliefs and god, you know, sooner or later the truth should come out. >> williams says he bears no animosity towards the girl. he wants police to find her real attacker. williams says he wants to go to school, find a job and spent time with his family. vic lee abc 7 news. >> another case of mistaken identity and an accountant is suing after he was wrongly named one of oakland's most-wanted criminals.
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he went to police totem them it was a mistake only to get thrown in jail. van says he stayed on the most-wanted list for six months. >> i was fighting for my life at that moment and it changed my life. like i was going on with my daily life. work. suddenly, you know i was putd on all over the tv, the internet. and i was scared and nervous. >> neither police nor city attorney would give us a comment today. >> just when san jose finally has its budget in order a state agency may throw out the public employee pension reform many credit for the balanced budget. voters approve measure b last june. abc 7 news reporter david louie has the story. >> the first battle was at the ballot box should san jose impose pension reform on workers. it pass bid 70% of the vote
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last june but tho now an agency issued a complaint against a city that it didn't bargain in good faith before putting issue on the ballot. >> it will be a trial. there will be witnesses under oath. documents and argue fumts. a judge will issue a decision. >> the units are happy the state agency issued four complaints supporting the firefighters, two engineering units and staff. the mayor thinks complaints have no merit. >> we met and confered for months on end so we have done a great deal of negotiations i think when facts are looked at that will indlud it was in good faith. >> the city has seen obligations grow reaching almost $200 million and rising. deficits triggered cut backs in service and staff. unions argue they tried to help and said residents paid a price. >> we're suffering longer
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response times. our citizens getting less services, rates skyrocketing. homicide rates rising. >> the process does call for two sides to attempt to settle. >> labor unions remain stribl sit down at any point in time with the city negotiators to meet and bargain over reforms. >> the resolution of the case may not happen until the end of the year after an administrative judge listens to both sides in this dispute. >> still ahead here tonight at 6:00 economics of the america's cup yacht race will tlb a payoff? or will san francisco get stuck with a tab? >> new tonight surfers filed suit over access to a bay area beach why they have their sites set on a local billionaire. >> live doppler 7 hd, clear skies and continues to warm up. will it hit 80 degrees?
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the answer coming up. >> and what a bay area town might look like if it adopts the name of a dating web site.
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america's cup coming to san francisco this summer as you know. supporters claim the benefits will be enormous. abc 7 news says avalos is
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calling for a public hearing tomorrow, mark? >> as you know john avalos represents the 11th district and is asking why should the city spend public money to help out an event that is sponsored by a billionaire? >> it was overtyped and doing yacht races for 1% are they things that support the best interests of people in san francisco? >> unclear. >> he says the city shouldn't spend a time on -- time on a yacht place. >> we have tree that's need maintenance. >> he says whatever money is spent will be going to the fat cats. >> i think it's a big ben fit for people and not for every day people. that is my concern. >> the manager says that short site whtd biggest industry is
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tourism. >> people working in hotels come from the city or bay area a lot of service services certainly aren't the fat cats they're seeing benefits from people coming down to the water front. >> martin says the estimate is a little north of $780 million. and worst case, thesy may be on the hook for $3.5 million next penses. in this district we asked for their money opinion autos do you thits something the city should spent money on? >> do you think it helps this neighborhood? >> no. no. >> just as many said the city would benefit. >> with all of the publicity, i think so. yes. i don't see why not. you snow. >> it's something that the whole city can get excited about. so like any major event. >> the economic benefits city is going get, i think reports
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is $780 million, i mean why isn't this a great story? >> i can tell from you covering several american cups there is an economic benefit. also i can tell you there is a great economic benefit for watching how public money is spent. >> mark thank you very much. a fight is underway to reopen access to a popular stretch of beach in half moon bay. the surf rider foundation filed a lieu suit against the owners of the property at martins beach in the hope it will help reopen the road. a venture capitolist purchased a property in 2008. the owner put a gate on the only road to the martin beach ask hired a guard to watch it from our point of view this would be no different than someone buying up houses around golden gate park and
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putting a fence there. >> surfers jump thed the gate today. the lawsuit says owners of martin beach violated the coastal act by not obtaining permits for the investigate. the attorney says we are anxious to have a court decide rights and obligations of the parties. >> if you make it to the beach. >> yes. >> there is some pretty decent weather out there. >> despite fog, mild weather is inviting. let's take a look at how pleasant things are now. clear skies over land areas. some areas of thin patchy fog along the coastline. some coastal locations did see a little bit of sunshine. we are swre lots of sunshine now if you look at western skies.
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readings 63 across the bay ask oakland. half moon bay, cool spot at 54 degrees, another live view from our mount tam camera. lots of sunshine here. wispy high clouds, temperatures 69 degrees in santa rosa. 71 napa. 74 in gill roi. these are the forecast features, areas of fog again tonight some of it will push inland across the bay. high temperatures near 80 into mildest locations and little change throughout the weekend into half of the weekend. satellite image and animation shows high pressure the dominant feature at the moment. that will continue throughout the week. jet stream dree flekted well north guiding weather disturbances up into that direction. the pattern lasts throughout the weekend. the mild weather starts to taper off a little bit sunday but rehane mainz dry.
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overnight, wide spread fog across the bay and inland. 50 at richmond. 51 san francisco. will be mild overnight most of the bay area. here is how it looks at 5:00 in the morning. it won't be wide spread fog and reduced visibility in locations for morning commuters. fog burns back by mid day. writ lingers highs reach into 50s. other loxz getting more sunshine. highs in the 60s and 70s around the bay and 70s to about 80s into warmest inland spots including the south bay. 68 downtown san frachblt 63 in the sunset district tomorrow, 79 in cal stoga. 72 in san leeand dro. upper 70s to 80s
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at livermore and brentwood. here is the accu-weather forecast. this weather lasts through saturday. will just see temperatures tapering off sunday, monday. sunday is st. patrick's day. a baste cool down. >> thank you very much. >> and coming up next, a note of diskortd at the san francisco symphony. >> a free concert call as tension to their l salaries ychl they want more. >> an apf for the car
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tee tailz on the devil's slide project. abc 7 news learn that had caltrans set march 25th as a ribbon cutting ceremony for the high 1 tunnel. what isn't certain is when the bypass will open to traffic. construction on the twin tunnels began eight years ago to aleave yale yait traffic. the final tab is expected to be over $300 million.
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>> musicians in san francisco symphony voted to authorize a strike if progress isn't made with the city on a new contract. is a string quartet to bring attention to the dispute. musicians paid 165,000s aids year with 10 weeks paid vacation. they say they are underpaid compared to their counter parts in other cities. >> there has been inflation in the california economy and wages are $7500 less than our leading peers. we're hopeful we can reach an agreement that recognizes that. moving our organization forward. >> the symphony says it's offer will keep the or chess
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tra among top three nationwide. musicians sate offer is not enough therk say the symphony can afford more with an endowment nearing $300 million. >> a dating web site is not giving up hope of giving the town of woodside to change its name to sugar this looks how the street signs might look. sugar daddy is willing to pay fr a 10 year name change commitment. they chose woodside because of the wealth and potential for having datable sugar daddies. the city laughed off the idea but company will deliver it's onoffer tonight at the city council meeting that starts at 7:30. we shall see. >> qle. >> yes. coming up next at 6:00 hopes and dreams of bay area catholics as a conclave of cardinals begins to pick a pope. how the vote prog ses looks. >> in sacramento california
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environmental quality act protected natural resources of the state for decades some say it's time to stop abuse autos a rover on mars answers a key question about the red planet. does it have the right ingredients to support live? stay with us.
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a column of smoke is emitted from a stove pipe at the sistine chapel at the vatican a clear sign to the world a selection has not yet been mai.d indications are that it may take longer. >> the conclave will follow a fairly set ritual, holding a mass, and a prayer session twice daily before each vote. this is a live picture from the vatican, eight hours ahead of us. voting begins at roughly 1:30 in the morning and just before noon our time f they can't seltel by thursday, they will
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take a one day break. abc 7 news is live with more on the hopes of local catholic autos you've heard people say this where before. what the catholic church needs is jesus with an mba, meaning they need a pope to restore order to the vatican and someone, a pope willing to lead the vatican and preach like pope john paul ii. >> praying while on their knees is a tradition among parishioners of this church in east san jose. many of them prayed today for the man who will lead catholics around the world. >> that is going to help us, everybody. >> she says she's praying for the cardinals responsible for selecting the pope. >> they'll do their best to select the pope to lead for the whole nation and whole world.
6:30 pm
>> during the conclave, the cardinals wear red. today, each took an oath to obey rules of the process, continuing tomorrow, since today, they failed to reach a two thirds majority. george is with the san francisco archdiocese. >> some say we need a pope with a personality that can go out and travel and what that sort of thing. >> followers say they want someone who can restore confidence in the church. >> i believe that they still have some possible changes, you know? positive changes in concilo it mean as sem bli in spanish. he hopes the pope will bring transparency to the vatican. and you can see cardinals come in different shapes and sizes not knowing who will be
6:31 pm
elected the vatican is prepared and will have the robe placed on the pope. they have three different robes, in different sizes. small, medium and large. also pope benedict was the first pontiff to have a twitter account of course. you can bet the next pope will follow. there is no shortage of speculation as to who cardinals will choose. insider s speculate the cardinal electors could have a.nouns choices thursday and maybe dri fri. just how long it lasts could be a key indicator as to who is being considered for this job. >> shorter means probably an italian or someone who everyone knows and who is known to them and who is a
6:32 pm
choice. a longer conclave would mean someone not as well known and maybe a dark horse. >> farther martin believes it is unlikely an american will be selected other cardinals objected to the idea of someone from the world's super power holding a top spot in the catholic church. >> there is a effort to change a california law credited with saving threatened species. the concern sthait makes things too hard for jerls. the environmentalists credit the california environmental quality act known for saving nesting areas of threatened peregrine falcons and hawks. awill youing developers to identify projects and how they'll be mitigated. environmental and labor groups joined forces to protdest change autos today our air is
6:33 pm
clean yes, water, purer. our trees are greener because the quality of our progress has been the deciding factor. >> critics say the law delays or kills projects this, sets up a showdown between unions and the governor. all are usually on the same side on most issues to end what you calls obsessive lawsuits. >> our approach needs to be based on concities accident standards that cut dealize caltrans reports after proij jekts in california takes 17 years to complete because delays often blamed on lawsuits. also impeding reconstruction of the hol hollywood bowl two years when a group wanted to safety structure. >> litigation is in cases a
6:34 pm
killer. it costs jobs. >> this activist opposes changes because it one way to stop develop grerz getting wrich out regard to neighbors they hurt. >> low income communities of color this is a very important tool. we tend to have worst health outcomes in california. >> striking a balance that keeps environmentalists, develop jerz residents happy won't be easy. >> coming up next the driving assistant. >> this is unbelievable. >> this is unbelievable. how it can change the wayright r problem...
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ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no!
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not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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smart phone app this is cool. called automatic drive assistant debutted today. >> it could change the way you drive and save you money. this is unbelievable it keeps track of driving and where you parked.
6:38 pm
it could change the way you relate to your car. the new app is called a drive assistant and it's made by a company called automatic. here is the web site. and here is the app. and here is where the magic begins. with beeps it tells you it's working so co-voler -- developer takes us out for a test drive its reading information such as your velocity. and some data. and it's streaming for the phone. >> keeps track of your drive toog. watch as it breaks hard on purpose. >> that was a brake i took too hard. it's just a reminder that you know, watch where you're going. take a easy brake next time. >> it beeps if you accelerate
6:39 pm
too fast, too. once you park it remembers where the car is located and shows ultraexact route you took and how much it costs to you drive it. >> this is from san jose to san francisco. i know that because the cost of this knows where you have stopped in a gas station at that station it keeps track of mileage for every trip and what you should have received according to the epaf check engine light goes on, it goes on here in the app. it tells you what is wrong with the car, and if it's a little jorks how you can fix it. >> now, i've fixed the problem. i'm going to turn it off. >> it knows you and shows you location of local mechanics.
6:40 pm
it calls 911 and three family members if you've been in a crash. the cost of the automatic is $69.95 and there is no monthly fee. >> wow. >> it could make a difference. save you money. >> absolutely. >> sure. >> thank you. >> coming up next a discovery from nasa rover on mars. >> new signs the red planet might have the r
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nasa announced a break through in the search fr live on mars and some research was done here in the bay area. more now from mountain view. it's been seven months since the rover landed on mars as depicted in this animation. now, for the first time, scientists have used the tiny drill... and discovered what is beneath the surface isn't red. >> when we drill just inches down into the ground, the ground went from red to gray.
6:44 pm
amazing. >> more is mazing is what the onboard x ray found. >> a near neutral environment and slightly salty liquid water. all needed to support live. >> in a announcement nasa scientists showed off the findings that 3.5 billion years ago mars likely had an environment sim tloor present day earth that could have supported live. >> showed not only water but fresh enough that microbes would have a easy live of living there eefdz live on mars would have been possible. scientists have their work cut out for them to figure out if that life ever existed. >> this is sam, sample on mars. after an x ray, sam cooks them. >> we cook the sample to high temperatures over a thousand degrees.
6:45 pm
and as we cook it we smell the gases that come off. >> scientists say the clay they did find in the digging is in the right place. >> i'm excited about this. this is to offer a ticket to mars. i'd land here, just taking a deeper drill and go bayway down. >> they have a lot more work to do with curiosity. >> this is a big step. >> abc 7 news. >> just incredible stuff. for all tweeting rover has done from mars waits given the social media award today in austin, texas. >> they have a million twitter fans. wow. tonight is the night if you want to take a look at the comet as it passes by. m this is pretty amazing now,
6:46 pm
it's our turn. your best chance about an hour from now 30 minutes after the sun goes down. look west it will be 10 degree as above the horizon and left of the crescent moon. it will be visible for weeks still to come. very exciting. >> yes. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> it's looking nice and warm today, high temperatures soaring into 70s. highs 78 in lofr dale. 77 clear lake. mid-70s into other locations. and mild weather continues. a little bit of fog, clear skies else wr. sunny skies, mild conditions, 80 degrees in chico. 83 los angeles. here in the bay area, highs into mid to upper 70s up to
6:47 pm
about 80s in inland spots that is the accu-weather forecast. we're going to have this mild weather through saturday with highs into upper 70s tapering off on sunday which is st. patrick's day. by tuesday some clouds and a bit of a cool down. rain or shine, for tweets and weather forecasts. you can tweet with your favorite team and weather. here is a tweet right now. >> it is. >> as are you. >> thank you. >> sports now. >> yes. larry beil is here, raiders talking about business tonight. >> there is a lot of stuff going on in the nfl. raiders cut big names. say goodbye to two favorites. is
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nfl new calendar year began today and raiders cut
6:51 pm
two former first round picks make no mistake. these are not the raiders anymore. the silver and black cut darious hayward bay. he had 41 receptions but he never developed into the player that the raiders were hoping for for first round pick. also cut michael hough. he played corner back as well as safety and what he's been released. they've lost tight end dell lany walker go together tennessee titans. walker a valuable contributor and on special teams. this is toing to be a loss for the niners, deshawn goldson
6:52 pm
said hez interested in a long term deal to remain with 49ers. bolden found out he had been traded while on a plane to africa. he goes from one harbaugh brother to another. >> for me it's initial shock. because i -- i had no clue ways going to be traded. >> how many times have you heard athletes say they're going come back to get their degree? an nba hall of fame jer doing that and more in berkeley. isaiah thomas is back in school at cal. he's 10 credits short of completing a masters in ed oox being in the classroom again at this age opposed to when i
6:53 pm
was 19 is different. he left indiana after a so far more year promised his mom he'd get a degree in criminal justice. now at 51 he appreciates his education more. >> i like the things i'm learning and see things differently now. so just being in the classroom is awesome for me, spectacular he reached out to jason kid to attend a fund-raiser on sunday for african american studies. >> i have seen him take classes and he loves it. it's an opportunity to catch up and also to work hartd. >> jason wants to get his degree. >> he'll continue his studies
6:54 pm
here at wall and talk to the kids about the value of education and how important it is. and that is a billinger message than scoring two points. >> finals of the world baseball classic will be held at at and t park. team usa hoping to be here. he's managing team usa. double to left, pass giants center fielder angel pagan. there is a sports report taught to you by orchard supply and hardware. remember he was arrested, five years $34 million signing with
6:55 pm
the browns. arrest apparently didn't hurt much. >> join me tonight at 9:00 a man grabs a shark, saves kids and called a hero. why did it cost him his job? then at 11:00 little mistake delaying hundreds of thousands of tax returns how to make sure yours get there with out a wait. now, kim and kourtney kardashian and adam driver. >> for all of us here, thanks for watching. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopard here are today's contestants -- a web publisher from portland, oregon... y!"re are today's contestants -- an education finance consultant from long beach, california... and our returning champion, a business analyst from minneapolis, minnesota... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --
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alex trebek! thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our show. drew is a five-time champion, so he will probably be in our tournament of champions next year. he has enjoyed some degree of luck, as well, because whenever he misses a final jeopardy!, his challengers miss it, also, so he winds up with not a big total, but the most money in that particular game. what's going to happen today against tish and barrett? let's start finding out. good luck. here we go. the jeopardy! round begins with these categories. "y u" in quotation marks. drew. let's start with on the geographic menu for $200.
6:59 pm
barrett. what is java? yes. geographic menu for $400, please. tish. what is baked alaska? right. menu for $600, please. here's jimmy with the clue. around 1910, bartender ngiam tong boon created this cocktail, now made of gin, cherry brandy, gne, and lime juice, a signature of the raffles hotel. barrett. what is a singapore sling? you got it. geographic menrenadifo. drew. u [ german accent ] what is a berliner? yes. [ normal voice ] geographic menu for $1,000, please. tish. what is hollandaise? right. how odd for $200, please.

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